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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winners the 2013-2014 Essay Competition

Meriwest Credit Union Announces the Winners the 2013-2014 Essay Competition

CEO Julie Kirsch meets with Winners

SAN JOSE, CA – February 26, 2014 – “What role will your generation play in our country’s economic recovery? How can credit unions support this?” This was the question on the minds of many teenagers this past fall as they prepared to participate in Meriwest Credit Union’s Annual Essay Competition. The essay competition proposes topics of discussion that allows young members to address issues that challenge credit unions regularly. This year, our eight winners will take home awards totaling $3, 350 to support their college educations.

This year’s topic challenged our students to think about their future and how they would be interacting in the future economy, and what role a credit union might play. A common thread was that credit unions can and will provide all the financial services our students will require throughout their lives; serving them well into retirement.

“I am amazed at the thoughtfulness of the writing and the high quality of the work created for us by all of our students,” said Julie Kirsch, Meriwest Credit Union’s President and CEO. “It is evident that these students took time to research and provide us with strong arguments regarding their personal views of how a credit union will serve them in the future. It is good to see that this generation understands the importance of cooperative financial institutions and their role in the greater world of finance.”

Photo Caption: Our CEO, Julie Kirsch (2nd from left) is shown here with three of our winners; Jessica Li, Antonio Cervantes, and Paulina Thurman.

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